7 Secrets to a Successful Year

How much time does a young deer have to learn how to run after it is born? The truth is, not much time. As soon as it is born, it tries to stand, falls back down, and the mother encourages it to stand so that the legs get stronger because there is not much time. At any moment, the lion can pounce, and the only survival mechanism it has is to run as fast as it can. After a few failed attempts, the young deer learns how to run in minutes and can even add a new swing to its step.

They say that success is a numbers game. I guess it is because there are a few failed attempts before you finally get to the gates of success. The ultimate challenge is being able to make measurable progress in a reasonable time. If one can amend errors and pick up a few great disciplines along the way, then your entire life is bound to change. 

“The secret of your success is determined by your daily agenda.”

John C. Maxwell

The new year always has a great promise. For most, it is time to make resolutions, amend errors, and learn several things to become a better individual. 2021 brings with it an opportunity for you to be able to choose your new reality. 

Here are a few tips to help you start the year on the right foot.

1. Right Resolutions

Setting new year resolutions is an old tradition. Setting new resolutions or reaffirming those already made in previous years helps to create a sense of direction. Resolutions have the power to influence your attitude for the year. The right attitude can affect your overall approach to situations. If you are looking for a different outcome at the end of the year, then pay attention to what you resolve to do at the beginning of the year.

2. Laser Focus

Where is your focus this year? Where do you want it to be? If you have not already, choose a focus for the year and stick to it. The good thing about focus is that it becomes easy for you to finish what you start. Most people do this by having a word for the year. Your word for the year should help to keep you from veering off track. 

3. Design Your Year

How do you want this year to be different from all the other years? Most people who have had successful years confessed to writing down the qualities that they wanted their year to have. Deliberately creating your experiences reduces the chance for random unpleasant occurrences that could derail your life. While we leave room for the unexpected, having an idea of what you want your year to look like will help you fulfill your wish list. As you design your best year yet, remember to live your best life with what you already have.

4. The Gap Analysis

While we have great goals and resolutions at the beginning of the year, perhaps what most of us tend to omit is doing a gap analysis. It is taking stock of what you need so that you get to where you want to be. When you identify what you need, it will be easy for you to fill the gap. 

5. Plan of Action

When it comes to your action plan, start small as you work your way upwards. Take a mental picture of where you are and see if there is anything that you can correct simply by taking action. Doing so will help you see the immediate action steps that you need to take to make progress. 

6. Power of One Habit

If you stand alone in an empty room, what would you pick out as your fundamental habits? Fundamental habits are essential to who you are and to who you are becoming. If you do not like your fundamental habits, it may be time to pick up new habits. Essentially, you only have to pick up only one good habit, implement it, stick to it, and within no time, it will influence the other areas of your life. 

Resolve to pick up one good habit, and it will have a positive ripple effect in your entire life. 

7. The Treasure Within

What are you adding or subtracting to your life this year? While it is great to delve into more minimalism or adding things into our lives that give us pleasure, the greatest treasure that we can ever find is one that lies within. Inside of you is the person of value that you want to become. When you start to accept and love yourself, it becomes easier for you to unearth your internal treasure. Find the treasure within and proudly show it to the world. 

Let this be the year that your dreams become a reality 🙂

Until the next post, let your soul sing!  

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