The 7 Gifts of Christmas

Legend has it that back in the middle ages, thousands of Storks would nest in houses. If a pair happened to nest on your chimney, it was a symbol of good luck. Many communities believed that Storks were sacred birds that brought prosperity, especially since their nesting coincided with happy moments.

 As a result, many people would put up Stork statues on their chimneys in the hopes that they would enjoy love, protection, and good luck throughout the year.

The story sounds more like a Christmas tale. Good fortune, love, and joy are some of the things we celebrate during the Christmas season. For now, let us delve into the fact that Christmas reminds us that we mustn’t let darkness overshadow our hearts. I guess that is why we have the seven gifts of Christmas. These are the gifts:-

1. The Gift of Light

Is the world a dark place, or are you blind to the light? Bright lights during the Christmas season are great, but what is going on inside is the real gift of Christmas. Take time to marvel at the external light, and reflect if you are letting your inner light shine.

2. The Gift of Hope

Your inner strength is the rock you can hold onto when you can’t hold on to anything else. Most people call this rock hope, and most times, you have to be your rock. Hope gives us the courage and heart to turn every difficulty to our advantage. With hope, our biggest weakness can turn out to be our greatest strength. The gift of hope also assures us that a new beginning is coming!

3. The Gift of Love

Someone once said that love encompasses several virtues. Love, therefore, goes beyond the intention itself to love. The gift of love reminds us that we must love ourselves first. When we love ourselves first, we are in a privileged position of loving others well.

4. The Gift of Joy

An ancient quote reminds us that, “There is no path to happiness. Happiness is the path.” Joy is contagious, and making the conscious choice to choose happiness over and over again magnifies it. More importantly, when you find joy within yourself, it is easy to share it with others.

5. The Gift of Faith

Faith allows us to see the bigger picture, especially when we are in the eye of a storm. The Christmas season reminds us that regardless of what the year shoved at us, we need to be gentle and patient with ourselves. The gift of faith reminds us that it will all come together in the end.

6. The Gift of Peace

The gift of peace allows you to live amicably with others. Most of the time, peace is letting go of things that do not need to be in your life. Inner peace begins when you acknowledge that you are who you need to be, and you are where you need to be. 

7. The Gift of Goodwill to Men

The gift of goodwill to men is associated with favor, luck, compassion, and blessing. When we ease the pain of others, we open doors for great fortunes to come our way. Peace on earth and goodwill to men is the hallmark of the season.

May your Christmas be filled with the miracles and meaning of this merry time 🙂

Until the next post, Happy Holidays to you and yours!!!

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