5 Reasons Why You Should Practice Mindfulness Meditation for Anxiety

The idea of building up immunity to poison has been around for a long time. Mithridatism is a word in the dictionary that defines this idea. It refers to the practice of building up immunity to a toxin by gradually exposing yourself to non-lethal doses of it. The term originates from Mithridates, also known as Mithradates VI. 

Mithridates the Great was king of Pontus and Armenia Minor in northern Anatolia from about 120–63 BC. He gave the Romans a run for their money by cheating death. In the course of his life, he built an immunity to poison. He was so effective at it that when the Romans finally defeated him, he poisoned himself to avoid capture but could not die. 

The story is, however, half history half legend. Is there anyone practicing Mithridatism today? Well, that is a story for another day. Today, let us delve into mental resilience. Someone once said that mental resilience is one of those topics you think you understand until you find yourself struggling with a challenging situation. 

One way that people build resilience is through the practice of meditation. The essence of meditation is to understand self and to connect well with others. It is a practice that has been around for thousands of years.

 If you think about it, practicing mindful meditation can help you build mental resilience, just like mithridatism can help one build immunity. Mindful meditation helps anyone to enhance their conscious awareness. Recent studies have shown that mindful meditation can help anyone build resilience to anger, anxiety, and even stress.

Here are a few reasons why you need to take mindful meditation seriously.

1. The Still Quiet Place

When you practice mindful meditation, it is easy for you to find that still quiet place within. Learning how to experience the natural quietness that comes from within can help anyone to build resilience. 

It is easy for anyone to manage their stress levels as well as anxiety when they find that quiet place that is alive in all of us.

Mindful meditation gives you the much-needed stress management skills that help you navigate the pressures of life. When we access that still quiet place within, we learn how to be peaceful and happier.

2. Choose Your Behavior

Practicing mindfulness meditation helps you to choose your behavior. It becomes easy for you to respond to your here and now with curiosity and kindness.

Once you begin to observe your feelings and thoughts, it becomes easy for you to choose your behavior.

When you choose your behavior, you develop your natural capacities for emotional fluency.

When there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do you no harm.

Winston Churchill

3. Personal Transformation

The day you realize that you are not your thoughts, your transformation begins. Self-awareness starts when you differentiate the voice of the mind and that of the heart.

When you do not identify with your feelings or thoughts, it becomes easy for you to be your true self.

The transformation gives you the freedom to enjoy life to its fullest. In a sense, you become limitless!

4. Self Acceptance

When you begin to accept yourself, the levels of stress and anxiety in your life reduces.

One gains invaluable skills such as acceptance, resilience, curiosity, and kindness with the help of mindful meditation.

Being able to quiet your mind as well as regulate your emotions is a powerful tool that everyone needs to use to navigate a turmoil-filled life.

5. Health Benefits

Health studies have shown that mindful meditation for anxiety can help you to build your immunity.

When one actively engages in mindful meditation, there is an increase in T- cells, which help to prepare your body to fight diseases.

In addition to the fact that the process reduces cell aging, it has several psychological benefits that allow your mind and body to function optimally.

Do you practice mindful meditation for anxiety?

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Until the next post, let your soul sing!

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