5 Ways to Overcome the Bluff of the Mind

Have you ever heard of the blindman’s bluff? Well, it is a popular game where a blindfolded player tries to catch and identify another player who is not blindfolded. If you have ever groped in the dark in search of anything, then you must know how difficult this game can be for anyone.

Sometimes the mind can expertly play the blindman’s bluff with us. If you are not careful, the mind can take you on a psychological journey where you are not even sure what it is that you are trying to find. A common expression we like to use is, “The problem is that I can’t find the problem.” When you start using such phrases, you are probably playing into the bluff of the mind.

There is an ancient Greek myth about a villain called Procrustes. He made his abode along the sacred path to Athens, where he would entice travelers to spend a night in his home. The goal was to trick anyone who was on this path to spend a night on the Procrustean bed. If you happened to be too tall for the bed, then he would chop off your legs, and if you were to short, he would stretch out your legs. In the long run, nobody ever made it to the sacred city.

“The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, …”

John Milton

Some people believe that this mythology was the origin of procrastination, which is a bluff of the mind. The mind can play such tricks with us by placing limitations on us. Things like fears, as well as anxiety, are as a result of the bluff of the mind. Watching out for such things will ensure that you are not playing into the bluff of the mind.

Here are a few thoughts on how you can overcome the bluff of the mind.

1. Use Your Internal Observation Power

The truth is absolute, but the seeker of the truth is the one who complicates things. To win against the bluff of the mind, you must learn to use your internal observation power. To do this effectively, one must learn to observe from a place of neutrality. If you are going to win the bluff of the mind, then you must learn to log into the play of the mind without getting sucked in it. When you begin to observe correctly, you will learn when the mind is playing tricks on you.

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2. Interpret Correctly

The interpretation of anything is somewhat personal, as it will find its meaning as you assign it. It is one of the reasons why two people can handle a similar situation differently. As you take the seat of observation, you will need to find out the meanings that you give things. Doing so will help you interpret everything objectively.

3. Choose Your Focus

Where focus goes, energy flows. What you choose to focus on will get magnified. The mind will present to you different thoughts, ideas, and even sensations. Presentations of such things is a play of the mind. It is easy to lose sight of what is important when you allow yourself to focus on everything that the mind presents to you. You have to choose to focus on what will add value to you. Being able to sift great ideas and thoughts will help you to overcome the bluff of the mind.

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4. Raise Your Awareness

What you know influences your response to any situation. What you know is based on your beliefs. Beliefs are what we have acquired over time as a result of our conditioning. Beliefs have the power to shape your experience, and the mind can use this to place limitations on you.

The fastest way to deal with any limitations is by changing what you believe about something. Awareness is simply being able to perceive a situation correctly. The moment you apply yourself to learning, you become a student of life. Raising your awareness will help to ensure that you are alert when the mind plays tricks on you.

5. Be at Home in Your Mind

By definition, serenity is a state of being peaceful, calm, and untroubled. It is easy to reclaim control over any situation when serenity is your highest goal. When you experience peace of mind, you are sure that you are at home in your mind. A healthy mind is a beautiful mind 🙂

Do you play into the bluff of the mind?

Until the next post, let your soul sing!

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