5 Ways to Discover Your True Self

Anyone who has ever been on a self-discovery journey can instantly tell you the magic that happened when they discovered their authentic self.

A renowned psychoanalyst by the name of Donald Winnicott is the scientist behind the Authentic Self and the Superficial Self. In his study, he describes the authentic self as the ability to enjoy spontaneous experiences, the feeling of being alive. He further describes the superficial self as the appearance of being real, a feeling of emptiness that stemmed from a defensive facade. In most cases, societal expectations are what helped to nurture the superficial self. The authentic self will express itself by living a real-life, which in turn helps to create a life worth living.

The greatest challenge in life is discovering who you are, The second greatest is being happy with what you find.

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The authentic self and blossoming of flowers have a lot in common. About a hundred years ago, several scientists had a debate over how flowers blossomed. One school of thought suggested that external factors like sunshine, wind, and rain is what made flowers blossom. The other group argued that the blossom was a result of the genetic makeup of the flower.

Discovering your True Self

After extensive research, the latter group won the debate. Any living thing has an internal code of sorts that guides what they are becoming.  

The process of discovering our authentic self is a lot like how flowers blossom. It usually starts from within and slowly makes its outward expression.

There are several ways that you can be able to discover your authentic self. Below are some of the ways that you can be able to discover your authentic self.

1. Open your Heart

For some people, life is like a battlefield. Their approach to life will then necessitate wearing armors and carrying swords as well as shields.  This approach should not be a lifestyle.

The truth is an armor will only hide your true self. Letting your guard down will help you have an open heart, which will, in turn, will help you enjoy life more. Doing so will also help you nurture your true self.

A closed heart will end up making you a conditioned being, while an open heart will help you exercise your free will.

People who are loved and supported tend to have an open heart, which not only allows their true self to find expression but helps to ensure that they have clarity on where they want to go.

2. Embrace Who you are Becoming

Sometimes, we tend to accept impressions that are not true, and we end up making them part of our identity.

When we embrace such impressions, they end up becoming part of our being.

It is, therefore, important to find and replace any self-limiting beliefs that can influence our identity.

Most people agree that it is hard to assign any identity to humans since they are in a state of becoming. In a sense, it is like shedding layers and taking up a new layer daily. 

 We are in a state of transformation. Embracing who we are becoming is necessary to unlocking our true selves.

3. Don’t Suppress Feelings and Emotions

In an attempt to please others, we may end up suppressing how we feel. 

The problem with suppression is that it ends up making an individual have emotional outbursts when they least expect it.

Dealing with any suppression will help you find your authentic self. Allow things to come to the surface and deal with them as soon as you can. It can be considered a spring cleaning of sorts where you get to deal with everything that is holding you back.

The meaning you have given to feelings and emotions is what you need to deal with when dealing with suppressed emotions. In most cases, the meaning is what will determine how big the issue has become in your life.  

4. Practice Stillness

When you learn to practice stillness, it becomes easy for you to rest in the state of ‘I am…’.

Our personalities tend to be fragmented, inconsistent, as well as restless when we do not allow ourselves to be still. 

Learning to be mindful also helps you to embrace your state of being, which in turn helps you discover your authentic version.

5. The Unfolding Life Versus the Constructed Life

If you pay attention to your life, you will realize an unfolding pattern. The unfolding pattern is what is called the unfolding life. Most people agree that the unfolding life does not lack anything and that it is what makes us truly happy.

The constructed life, on the other hand, is based on an idea. Any conditioning from childhood or any external drivers to design your life, is basically what most people refer to as the constructed life.

The advantage of the unfolding life is that it helps to ensure that you are in a state of flow and motion, which makes it easy for you to adapt to change. 

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Have you discovered your True Self?

Until the next post, let your soul sing!

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