5 Ways to Prepare for your Date with Destiny

I have watched several movies where characters had an intervention from the universe to ensure they took the right path. In serendipity, for instance, the main characters were about to marry the wrong people, then fate intervened. In Sliding doors, there are two parallels of life of the main character depicting how life can change when you take a slightly different path, but Prince of Persia the sands of time is my absolute favorite.

In the movie, mortals have the power to turn back time with the help of the sands of time. The main character has to prove his innocence with the help of this technology. The road to proving his innocence leads him straight to his destiny.

Someone once defined destiny as a predetermined course of events fueled by an outside force. The definition makes it feel like you are acting your movie. Such movies usually involve taking paths with exciting adventures.

The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

I guess you can view your destiny in the same light. It may be a mission that will help you add value to someone or a group of people. In a sense, everyone has a date with destiny at least once in their lifetime. 

There is an adage that says there is no second chance to make a first impression. If you go on a date, for instance, you will think through all the details to make sure that you leave an indelible mark on the person you are trying to impress. The same also applies to things like job interviews and landing deals with corporate clients.

While we take the time to prepare for many of life’s events, destiny is usually nowhere in the list. It is not clear whether you find your destiny or if it finds you. There is a whole debate on the subject, but most people agree that when you are in the right place at the right time, then everything will unfold as it should. Your part is to ensure that you are ready for that divine moment.

And when a man faces destiny, destiny ends and the man comes into his own.

Andre Malraux

Here are some of my thoughts on how to prepare for your date with destiny.

1. Self – Mastery

The best gift that you can give to yourself is knowing yourself. Take time to know your strengths as well as your weakness. When you know your weakness, it will be easy for you to use your resources to manage your weaknesses or better still turn them into strengths.

Steps to Self – Mastery

2. Clarify the Mission

To fulfill your destiny, you have to be ready to define what it is. Taking the time to clarify and define what that looks like will help you prepare yourself adequately. Knowing what it is will also keep you on course and free you from any distractions.

3. Sharpen your Skills

The best way to chop down a tree quickly is to ensure that you have a sharp ax. Honing your skills positions you for the right opportunities. When you are ready, it is easy for you to take advantage of opportunities. 

4. Gain Wisdom

The definition of wisdom is making good judgment in any situation. Gaining wisdom from your mistakes will not only waste your valuable time, but it can end up being a costly mistake. The quickest way to gain wisdom is by learning from those who have gone before you. Wisdom is a virtue that you need to nurture if you want to make fewer mistakes in life.

5. Invest in Knowledge

Knowledge is power. Investing in knowledge means different things to different people. For some, it may mean looking for the right mentors, buying relevant books, or taking a course. Being knowledgeable empowers you to make the right decisions and to become a better person.

Take time to list down information that is going to be useful as well as relevant for your life’s journey. Go a step further and ensure that you have a plan of action to learn all that you can that pertains to the specific topics or subject.

Destiny is a decision: James Tarantin at TEDxLaJolla

Time is the measure of your destiny; use it wisely. 

At the right time and the right place, everything will unfold as it should.

Have you prepared for your date with destiny?

Until the next post, let your soul sing!

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