5 Ways to Nurture Strength in Adversity

There is an old Korean folktale story that I like to read when I need some motivation. It is about a couple who were deeply in love that it was hard to separate them. War broke out in the region, and every male adult was called upon to fight in the war.

The lovely couple had to part ways for the good of the country, but his wife promised that she would anxiously wait for his return. Every day after her chores, the lady would wait at a specific spot every day to find out if the war is over and if she could reunite with her husband. 

Adversity introduces a man to himself.

Albert Einstein

One beautiful evening, her husband returned. However, the man who returned from the war was very different from the man who went to war. She was worried that her husband did not talk much and that he was no longer interested in the things that they did together. 

She decided to seek wisdom from a wise woman who lived in the mountains. Once she had poured her heart out, she waited for the lady to give her a portion, which was famously known to help remedy such a situation. 

The wise lady perceiving her thoughts asked her to bring her specific berries and the whisker of a tiger so that she can prepare the concoction.

Since everything else she had tried had failed, she was determined to get the ingredients even if it meant she would have to risk her life. Picking the berries was an easy task, but the tiger’s whisker was going to be an arduous task. 

She summoned her courage and formulated a plan that would help her be successful in her quest. One of the ways she was going to befriend the tiger was by feeding it with meat she bought from the market. In addition to feeding the tiger, she would sing a lullaby that would melt the heart of the tiger and cause them to have a stronger bond. 

She was elated when her plan worked, and one day as she patted the tiger’s paws, she was able to cut one of its whiskers.

Taming the Tiger

As soon as she had her prized possessions, she hurried to the wise woman’s abode. When she presented her prized possession, she thought that the wise woman would quickly whip the potion, but to her dismay, she threw the items in the fire. Surprised, she asked the wise woman why she had burned the items. She responded by letting her know that she did not need any potion to cure her husband.

She further explained that if she could tame the heart of a tiger, then she was capable of taming the heart of any man. After some thought, the woman knew what she had to do. It did not take long for her husband to come round, and before she knew it, she was enjoying a loving and fulfilling relationship that she once knew.

Adversity is not always something that we foresee, and it can hit is when we least expect it. Every adversity is a question to the human life. The question it asks is, “What is your response?”.

Unfortunately, no school teaches us how to respond to adversity. Wisdom, however, teaches us that life has seasons, and it is wise to prepare for the different seasons of life.

One of the ways that you can prepare for adversity is by nurturing strength. Here are some of my thoughts on how you can nurture strength in adversity.

1. Do not lose your joy

The one thing that you should never lose when going through a difficult time is your joy. An easy way to do this is by making a list of all the things that you enjoy. You can then choose to do one item in your list per day or stick to one thing every day that brings you joy. 

Being intentional about not losing your joy will ensure that your spark does not die. If anything, your fire and enthusiasm for life will only grow brighter.

In the story, the lady knew that she was not going to sit around and do nothing even though her situation seemed hopeless.

2. The power of affirmations

Words can positively or negatively impact human life. The right words can heal the soul. Affirmations are short sentences that help to provide emotional support. 

Meditate on positive phrases and inspirational quotes. Doing so will help you to focus on the positive, and soon your emotions will also flow in a positive direction.

3. Reach out

Adversity tends to make people hide away from the world. Do not fall into the temptation of being isolated. Reach out to someone.

Surround yourself with people who care and stay connected.

4. Stay grounded

It is easy to lose yourself when you are going through adversity. The most important thing is to remember who you are and not to lose your identity. There are several activities that you can do to stay grounded, and they include but not limited to journaling and practicing mindfulness. 

Allow yourself to enjoy the beauty of who you are becoming as you embrace the season without losing yourself.

5. Be productive

There is a difference between being busy and being productive. Being busy usually entails doing various tasks that may not be productive. To avoid being busy and not productive, keep your goals in front of you. Being productive will help you stay focused.

Do something every day that will take you closer to your goals. In time, productivity will help you get through adversity as you wait for the next season to begin. 

Here are more tips to help you stay motivated during tough times.

How to Stay Motivated During Tough Times – Brian Tracy

How do you nurture strength in adversity?

Until the next post, let your soul sing!

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