Wells of Joy

There is a story of a businessman who was so deep in debt that he had no way out. He could not pay any of his bills, and he was in distress because creditors and suppliers were after him. As he sat on a park bench one day wondering if his situation could change, an elderly gentleman appeared and sat next to him.

Beautiful Park

Since he had nothing to lose, he poured out his heart to the gentleman who listened intently. After the businessman had poured his heart out, the gentleman gave him a cheque and asked him to meet him at the same spot a year later. The gentleman then turned and disappeared, and the businessman glanced at the cheque. 

When the businessman had a good look at the cheque, his eyes beamed with excitement! The cheque was for a million dollars, and the signature was Rockefeller. He had a cheque that was signed by the richest man in the world!!!

He decided not to use the cheque but instead find strategies that could help him turn his life around. 

Knowing the cheque was there, gave him great optimism to work, and find a way to save his business. With his renewed optimism, he negotiated better contracts, got extended payment from suppliers, and started doing big deals that brought in a lot of money.

In just several months, he was out of debt, and his business made a turnaround. 

When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy. – Rumi

A year later, the businessman returned to the park bench to meet the gentleman as per their agreement. He was very excited that on this particular day, he would tell the gentleman of his good fortune, and hand his cheque back to him. After waiting for several hours, the gentleman finally showed up.

Before they could exchange any niceties, a nurse approached the gentleman. The nurse greeted the businessman and told him that the gentleman was a patient at a mental facility. As it turned out, the gentleman had a habit of escaping the mental facility frequently and telling everyone he met that he was Rockefeller. 

The businessman stood in shock all this time he had done deals thinking that he had a million dollars. He soon realized that it was not the cheque that had turned his life around. His newfound confidence gave him the power to achieve anything he wanted.

I love going back to this story when I need some motivation. Finding new confidence has the power to enable anyone to achieve great things!

As I was reading this story for about the hundredth time, it occurred to me that wells of joy can be related to water wells. 

water well in beautiful garden

Here are a few things I learned about life from wells concerning this story.

1. Dig deeper

It is hard to find precious things on the surface. If you want gold or diamond, for instance, then, you may have to mine them. It is the wisdom of life to hide precious things. Taking time to search those hidden things, especially about your life, will give you some much joy. 

Any water well needs to be dug. Some wells go hundreds of meters to reach the water level. 

In the story, the businessman found his solutions when he did some introspection.

2. Wells are life-sustaining

The goal of digging any water well is to find water. In most cases living things need water to survive. Without water, they die! 

Once you begin the journey of introspection, you will find wells of life that can take you through the darkest times.  

The businessman found renewed confidence, which enabled him to tackle his setback.

3. It is hard to block wells

Since water wells run several meters deep, it may be hard to return it to its original state.  

Once you discover wells of joy within your heart and soul, it is going to be an arduous affair to block the wells of life that emanate within you.

When the businessman tapped into his motivation, he worked smarter, better, and it was evident that he was not going back to his old ways any time soon.

4. Wells are dug in times of adversity

People rarely dig water wells when they have a sustainable water source. People look for alternative water sources when there is a need. 

The same thing can be said about life as well. In times of adversity, we can unlock wells within ourselves that we did not know existed. As the saying goes, adversity is the mother of invention, and several famous people have attributed adversity to their success. There is strength through adversity. How does a person overcome adversity? Well, that is a story for another day 🙂

The adversity that the businessman went through helped to turn his life around.

5. Wells serve communities

Most water wells serve hundreds, if not thousands of people. Tapping into the wells that lie within you is essential since it will make you valuable in your community. 

Discovering gifts, talents, and abilities is essential since it helps you bring something unique to the table. Your uniqueness is a gift to the world.

The businessman had a lot to offer once he unblocked his wells.

Have you unblocked your wells of joy?

Until the next post, let your soul sing!

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