The Road Less Travelled

The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho, is one of the books that has been on my reading list for a while. I finally got round to reading the book a few weeks ago and was amazed at how relatable the story is, especially for anyone who is on a self-discovery journey. There are nuggets of wisdom about life that are skillfully shared by the author.

In summary, the book is about a young shepherd boy who has a recurring dream. The dream does not give him peace, and he reaches out to someone to help him interpret his dream. Unfortunately, the interpreter does not give him the answers that he is seeking but tells him to do what the dream is asking of him.  

As fate would have it, he meets someone who directs him in the path of his dream. He also confirms that his dream is his destiny. 

Although he meets several people while following his dream, the Alchemist and the Scientist help him to get closer to his destiny. While the Scientist teaches him about the science of alchemy, the Alchemist teaches him about life. 

It is interesting how alchemy and life have a lot in common. Ideally, alchemy is the science of changing metals into gold. According to the book, everything on earth, including metal, is evolving into its purest form. Alchemist leverage on this theory and can transform metal into gold.

The practice of alchemy was, however, not done by anyone. Alchemy was considered a calling, and those who pursued it ended up having pure souls. Their knowledge of life helped them accomplish extraordinary things.

What did I learn about life from this book?

1. Pay attention to your dreams

Jim Kwik, a renowned brain expert, writes his dream every morning as part of his morning routine. Scientists believe that dreams have solutions to everyday life’s problems. If you have had a recurring dream, then take it seriously!!! Keeping tabs of your dreams every morning may be a difficult task to do daily. I have therefore resolved to have a notebook with me, to pay attention to the dreams that I have when I am awake. In the book, the destiny of the young shepherd boy is spurred his dreams. 

2. Listen to your heart

Most people listen to their hearts without even knowing that they are doing so. Some people call it intuition, gut feeling, still small voice, and yet others call it inner peace. Regardless of what you call it, being guided by your intuition is like using a compass since it will direct you to the true north of your life. Listening to the heart should, however, not be done blindly and without reason. Appropriate guidance is necessary from mentors as you listen to your heart. The young shepherd boy learned how to listen to his heart as guided by the Alchemist. In the end, he was able to accomplish great things.

3. Weigh the motive of the heart

Closely related to listening to the heart is weighing the motive of the heart. Doing things from the right place frees you from ill motives. If you are going to learn how to listen to your heart, then weighing the motive of the heart is a practice that you should adopt. In the book, several scientists were unable to convert metal into gold since they had the wrong motives.

4. Reflect and observe

Observation and reflection is something that should be part of everyday life. Taking time to reflect and observe helps you to learn something new as well as be aware of the seasons of life. When you know the seasons of life, it is easy for you to leverage your strengths for the success of any given season. The young shepherd boy was always aware of the various seasons in his life. He knew when a season started and when it ended, and this helped him meet people who ushered him to his next phase in life.

5. Your destiny will lead you to your treasure

Most people admit that when they followed the path of their destiny, they ended up with something better. The treasure could be fulfillment, joy, or even wealth. I love the way the story ends. It turns out that the treasure the boy was seeking was hiding in plain sight. He would, however, not have discovered it, if he had not followed the path of his destiny. 

The course of your path is a source of inspiration to someone else’s life. – Unknown

Have you read the book ? What did you learn about life?

Until the next post, let your soul sing!  

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