How to Live a More Meaningful Life

Music is one of the universal languages of the soul since it has the power to express that which words cannot express.  There is something about music that transcends space and time. The human heart listens to beautiful melodies. In essence, music is food for the soul, and there are no words to describe the power music has to the soul.

While I have attended many jazz events over the years, there is a particularly memorable event.  This particular jazz event helped to shift my perspective on living a more meaningful life. Several professional artists graced the event, and it was a delight just taking in the music and enjoying exceptional talent. One particular artist had a unique introduction before his performance. He mentioned that he was just an ordinary person who had found his passion, and was lucky to have an audience watch him enjoy it. How cool would it be to have an audience watching you fan the flame of your passion?

As he played that night, he handled his instrument with grace as melodious tunes showered the atmosphere. He danced to the rhythm of his tune! It was clear that he probably enjoyed the music and the performance more than we did.  Watching him perform that night made it clear to me that it is great to have a passion. It is, however, better to have an audience watch with excitement as you do what you do best and add value to their lives in the process. 

Many thoughts raced my mind that evening, but the most important is that this artist is living a more meaningful life. While there are many controversies about what the true meaning of life entails, I have observed that people who lead meaningful lives had a few things in common. Here are some of the things that I learned about living a meaningful life from that jazz experience.

1. Find your Voice

There is a theory about life. It says that before anyone is born, there is a set of instructions given about their mission on earth. As soon as we check in on earth, we forget the instructions about our mission. We, therefore, end up conforming or doing some introspection to find the specific instructions regarding our lives. I am not a philosopher, so I will not dive deep into what that means, but what I do know is that everyone is unique, and everyone has something unique to offer the world. When you find that which you want to express, then the world says that you have found your voice. The hardest part of living a more meaningful life is finding what you want to say. When you find your voice, you are on the path to leading a more meaningful life. I like the fact that various jazz artists have music pieces that communicate several emotions. There is skillful communication taking place without the use of words.

2. Find the Expression of your Voice

After finding your voice, the next thing that you have to do is find the medium of expression for your voice. There are several ways that you can be able to express what you want to say. While some people express what they want to say with their work, others do it through poetry, through singing, writing art and even inventions.  The best platform for your expression is something that you are passionate about, and it will help express your voice with ease. In jazz concerts, there are different instruments, and while others express their voice with the help of a saxophone, others do it with a flute, a cello, violin, or guitar. The options are endless!

3. Put in the Work

It is hard for people to listen to someone who has not perfected their voice. Once you know your voice and have found the medium of expression, then it is time to invest in yourself. Learn everything that you can so that you are not mediocre in the expression of your voice. 

Once you sharpen your skills, it is only just a matter of time before the right audience listens to what you have to say. Great jazz artists are not a mere accident, I believe apart from being talented, they have to take the time to perfect their skill so that they become outstanding artists. There is always an audience for people who have mastered their craft.

4. Meet a Need

The ability to meet a need, will make you valuable to your society, and ultimately the entire world.  Apart from the fact that you will add value to your sphere of influence, you will have that satisfaction that comes from living a fulfilled life. Jazz is not only entertaining, but it also nourishes the soul creating emotions that cannot be captured by words, and in essence, it adds value while at the same time meeting a need.

5. Trust in a Higher Power

Life is a mystery, and we are sojourners on earth. Since we are not here by accident, there is something unique that everyone can accomplish. Being at peace with the creator will help you unlock mysteries in your life that you can share with the world. As you do so, you will align with your purpose, and exude a spark that allows your inner light to shine out. There is something beautiful about listening to orchestral jazz, the alignment, coordination, and magical tunes that shower the atmosphere gives any soul inexpressible joy. It is a Masterpiece!

How do you live a meaningful life?

Until the next post, let your soul sing!

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    I love your article! I especially like the no. 1 point – Find your Voice. It’s so true that “When you find your voice, you are on the path to leading a more meaningful life.”

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